1960-1962 T120-TR6-6T-T110 Nut and Bolt Kit

1960-1962 T120-TR6-6T-T110 Nut and Bolt Kit


1960-1962 T120-TR6-T110-6T Nut and Bolt Kit

If you’re building a Duplex T120, TR6, T110 or 6T and want to get every little detail right, then you’ll be pleased to know we can supply you with all the correct nuts and bolts for practically the whole bike. There’s nothing worse than seeing a restored bike with modern day stainless steel or worse, metric nuts and bolts.  This kit covers almost everything to put your bike back together correctly, if you’re like us and want to get the details just right then this kit is for you.

This kit covers almost the whole bike from fork parts to engine and gear box fittings and a whole lot more. Look though the pictures to see what’s included, after each picture you will see a detailed list of each part that comes in the kit. We carefully label each bag so you know what you have brought, there is no need to guess when you’re putting everything back together!

Each bolt, nut or washer have all been made to original specification here in our very own engineering shop here at Ace Classics. The finish is bright Zinc plating, no stainless steel bolts – we like to build the bikes as they came out of the Triumph factory!

When ordering this kit we will need to know about your bike so we can supply you with the correct parts. You will see in the drop-down box a variety of options which are explained below:

T120 BONNEVILLE: This tells us you have a twin carb head.

TR6 TROPHY: This lets us know you have a single carb and will require 4 x ¼ studs for the inlet manifold

6T – T110 : This tells us you have a nacelle and the bathtub

QUICKLY DETACHABLE REAR WHEEL: if your rear drum sprocket has a spline then you have a QD rear wheel, once we know this we can supply you with the correct parts for your bike.

BOLT UP REAR WHEEL: the easiest way to tell this is if you have 8 bolts holding the drum and sprocket together, in the kit we supply the rear wheel spindle and the 8 fixing bolts and so on.

3 GALLON TANK: if your bike is a TR6 it’s most likely to have a 3 gallon tank but we need to know so we can supply you with the right fixings for the knee rubbers. The easiest way to tell a 3 gallon tank is if your knee rubbers push over a metal plate that is bolted to the tank if you are unsure please view the images on this page.

4 GALLON TANK: On a 4 gallon tank the knee rubbers are screwed directly on to the tank, this is the easiest way to tell it apart from a 3 gallon, but if you are unsure please view the images on this page.

SINGLE GEAR BOX ADJUSTER: 1960 Duplex models where fitted with 1 single gear box adjuster when using this set up we supply the correct gear box top stud nut for use with one adjuster

DOUBLE GEAR BOX ADJUSTER: By 1961 to 1962 Triumph fitted a second gear box adjuster to the left hand side this was a lot better set up and much easier to keep the gear box in line, the top gear box nut was changed to accommodate the double adjuster. If you would like to fit a second gear box adjuster to your bike please follow this link https://www.aceclassics.co.uk/products/triumph-1961-to-1962-gear-box-adjuster-eye-bolt-complete-kit/

This bolt kit is not something that is on the shelf, we make each one to order so please allow 4 – 5 days before we send the parts.

We can supply nut and bolt kits for all Pre Unit models from 1946 – 1962. If you cannot find the nut and bolt kit you need on our website please contact us.