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Paint Services

Paint Work Services

We offer the following Paint Work Services:
  • Parts blasted
  • Dents repaired
  • Colours matched to New Old Stock item’s
  • Painted lines and striping NOT TAPE!!
  • Repairs to metal work tank & mudguards also available

Ace Paint Work Prices

  • Tank & Mudguards £650.00
  • Tank & Mudguards (Metallic colours) £700.00
  • Rear Guard £175.00
  • Front Guard £175.00
  • Standard tanks £375.00
  • Metallic painted tanks £400.00
  • Tool Box £85.00
  • Oil Tank With all the transfers £100.00
  • We can also paint & line Chrome petrol tanks £475.00
  • Triton Style Tanks Painted & lined £475.00



We do it all

We can do anything from minor repairs to engine & gear box rebuilds or even full restorations or insurance work.


Vapor Blasting – Work Shop Repairs – Engine & Gear Box Rebuilds

Labour Rate

£50.00 per hour + vat

Engine & Gear Box Rebuilds

Engine Rebuild £1100.00 Labour + vat  plus parts and services

Gear Box Rebuild £300.00 Labour + vat  plus parts and services

Unit Engine & Gearbox Rebuild £1400.00 Labour + vat plus parts and services

This price is only if the engine & gear box are supplied out of the bike

To remove engine and gear box from the bike & re-fit & get running & tune is an extra £850.00 + vat

Our Mechanic here at Ace Classics has been in the British Motorcycle trade for 40 years and has a wide knowledge of all British classic motorcycles.

We can build bikes to order, or restore your bike for you. Why not give us a call to see if we can help you!