9 Stud 4 plug alloy head

9 Stud 4 plug alloy head


9 Stud 4 plug alloy head

This head has been modified for racing, with the long alloy manifolds and central plugs.

It has also been fitted with large valves, it looks like this guy was going to drag Johnny for beers!!

We bought a job lot of parts in a deal that used to belong to an ex racer.

The head is in good shape and looks like it could be bolted straight on, saying that, we have not worked on the head or taken it apart to inspect it.  It is being sold as seen, so make sure to check it for yourself before using it.

It has a casting number of 65 which means it is an early unit 9 stud head.

Please also check pictures of NOS and used original parts being purchasing any product on this page.

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