Ace Desert Parts Competition Seat

Ace Desert Parts Competition Seat


Ace Desert Parts Competition Seat

Just over a year in the making and countless samples, we’re now very proud to offer you our @acedesertparts Desert Sled Competition Seat!!

A must-have item that will complete your Desert Sled build!

Out of all the parts we have made this has definitely been the hardest to get right hence the very long wait.

To fit the following Triumph models:

1960-62 Duplex Frame

1963-70 Unit 650

1957-1974 Unit 350-500

Some modifications maybe needed on any of the above models depending on what oil tank you have. Although these seats have been made to fit Triumph’s they could be made to fit other makes and models as long as you have a sub frame with a rear loop and a mate that’s good with the spanner’s!!

We’re really pleased with how these seats have come out. Finished in high quality leather and a Zinc plated steel base these seats really do look the part.

We have covered them in leather so if you wanted to give the seat a distressed look this is possible. Many of us are building our sleds to look like they came straight out of the Mojave Desert so it’s nice to have the option if you wanted to distress your seat to match the rest of your bike.

The seat is mounted using a large “U” shaped bracket at the rear and two “P” clips around the frame loop. At the front we supply two flat brackets that use your existing frame stud. Along with the brackets comes all the hardware you’ll need!

When fitting a Desert Seat they are hard bolted to the frame and will not lift up on the original hinges. It was common practice in the 60’s to modify the oil tank and have the oil tank filler moved to the outside to check or refill your oil.

Click on the following link to find out more, as we offer this as a service: Modified Unit Triumph Desert Oil Tank

Each one of our Competition Seats have been hand-made with high quality materials. Being hand-made sometimes there are minor imperfections or differences from one seat to another.

Always make sure to use the #acedesertparts to show us your sled and how your using our parts.

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