Flat Desert Sled Front Fender 1946-1957

Flat Desert Sled Front Fender 1946-1957


Flat Desert Sled Front Fender 1946-1957

When building a Desert sled most of the time the standard front fender was removed and replaced with a flat one just like this!

It makes a lot of sense when you look at a standard front fender it’s curved round the side. When you look at these Flat Desert Sled Fenders being completely flat this would keep the dirt out of your face but even better they would stop the front wheel from getting clogged up with dirt and anything else in the Desert as it would all come out the side

If you look at old Sled pictures you will see these front fenders where a common sight in the Deserts of Californian

Bikes this will fit: 1946 – 1957 with 7 or 8” half width hubs

The fender blade is alloy and the stays are steel. We are supplying these as a kit you will receive the fender the 3 stays and fitting bolts. The stays are unpainted for you to decide if you want to paint them gloss or satin black.


When fitting our Desert Sled Front Fender we recommend using our 350 x 19 Ensign Trials Universal tyre – it’s the perfect tyre for your desert sled.



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