Flowliner Tank Sealer

Flowliner Tank Sealer


Flowliner Armour Coat is the tank sealant that we use here at Ace Classics.

It is a high quality, professional motorcycle fuel tank liner, offering resistance to tank coating failure and rust caused by age and the use of modern fuels.

Another reason we choose to use Flowliner is that is cures white and leaves a nice bright lining inside the tank.

Why Flowliner coating is the ideal fuel tank coating

Regular fuel tank coatings will eventually fail with the use of modern fuels, but Flowliner Armour Coat is completely resistant to ethanol and other damaging products. It’s suitable for sealing Metal or fiberglass and to eliminate tank distortion in nylon/plastic tanks.

Flowliner fuel tank liner is a solvent-free, white epoxy two-part ambient temperature cure product that offers outstanding mechanical, thermal, physical and high temperature properties when fully cured.

One Flowliner kit will treat most tanks up to 25 litres (you can use less if required), with a mix ratio of exactly 100 to 25 of hardener, measured by weight.