Overlay 43/56 Tooth Sprocket

Overlay 43/56 Tooth Sprocket


Ace Deserts Parts Overlay 43/56 Tooth Sprocket

Something every desert sled should have… an overlay sprocket also nick-named the “Cheater Sprocket”. In the 1950’s and 60’s it was quite common to see these fitted to Desert Sleds, flat trackers and all sorts of competition bikes – Steve McQueen even had one on the Great Escape bike.

The idea of this sprocket was to give the bike a lot more acceleration, an easy way to do it was bolting the overlay sprocket on top of your existing sprocket with a set of fixing bolts.

We can supply the sprocket on it’s own or as a kit with the fixing bolts and a length of chain to extend your existing chain with a spring link or we can supply as a complete kit with a full length 110 link chain. (Depending on the size of your gear box sprocket you may need to shorten the 110 link chain with a chain splitter.)

Made here in the UK using 7075-T6 Dural Aluminium

To fit chain size 3/8th x 5/8th chain or metric equivalent size 530

Please take note:

These sprockets have been made to fit over the top of original sprockets, the newly made sprockets end up a larger diameter, if you have a brand new sprocket we can make one of our overlay sprockets as a special order but could take a week or so depending our busy we are in our machine shop.

Universal fitting:

These will not just fit Triumphs, there are many other bikes that share the same sprocket dimensions.  The inner diameter of this overlay sprocket is 8.805″ (22.4cm).

If your existing sprocket is 3/8th x 5/8th and has 43Teeth, then this overlay sprocket should fit.

Please check the inner diameter above to confirm.

When Ordering:

If your bike has a 43T sprocket you have 4 options in the drop-down menu:

  • Overlay Sprocket Only
  • Overlay Sprocket and 5 Bolts
  • Overlay Sprocket complete with 4 bolts, length of chain & chain spring link
  • Overlay Sprocket complete with 4 bolts and new 110 link chain


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