Triumph – Bud Ekins Style Pipes “955”

Triumph - Bud Ekins Style Pipes "955"


Triumph – Bud Ekins Style Pipes “955”

These Ekins “955” pipes were used on lots of Triumph Desert bikes though out the late 1950’s and into the mid 60’s. Bud made lots of desert parts and these pipes were one of them – they fit Pre Unit and Unit 650 models.

If you’re using these on a Pre Unit the Tool Box can’t be used as they run very close to the frame the same for the Unit 650’s the tool box cover would have to be removed.


These pipes also fit the Unit 500 models. We have fitted them to a Unit T100 as shown in the pictures on the purple bike. The side panel has to be Removed. Custom brackets will need to be made.

If you are buying these for a Unit 500 model please select the Exhaust stub spacer so the pipes will fit the head. You will also need 650 rose clamps these can also be found below.



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