Triumph Rigid TR5 Trophy

Triumph Rigid TR5 Trophy

SOLD – Triumph Rigid TR5 Trophy – a bike from our own Ace collection.

This bike is a great runner,  fires into life easily and ticks over straight away!  Definitely the best way to own one of these bikes when you are not scared to use them.

It has a genuine TR5 engine from 1949 and a TRW frame from 1956.

Despite being a non matching numbers bike, this bike was put together a long time ago with a lot of very nice and original parts!

  • Fitted with a genuine plug and socket wiring loom
  • Original TR5 tank
  • Original headlight
  • Genuine seat but with some wear and tear (shown in pictures)
  • Still fitted with the Dunlop Trials Universal Tyres (now unobtainable)

These parts all give this bike a real original look and a nice patina.

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