Universal Classic Motorcycle Tank Bag

Universal Classic Motorcycle Tank Bag


Classic Motorcycle Tank Bag

We have made these vintage style tank bags in the same style as the original bags sold in the 1950’s and 60’s.

With white piping and stitching and an easily accessible clear window, this bag can be used with a map or a modern smart phone as a sat nav whilst still looking the part!

To make these bags as universal as possible to fit a variety of classic motorcycles, we have added a removable strap underneath with a push-in clip. This allows the bag to be easily attached to any bike with a tank rack and then removed with ease.

If you want to make the bag a more permanent feature, this tank bag could also be fitted directly to the tank using the tank rack holes and bolts.

For motorcycles that do not have a tank rack or tank rack holes, a longer strap could be added (using the sewn on loops underneath the bag) which could go directly around the tank. (Long strap not included)

The inside of the bag is accessible using a zip and is lined with a soft material which is great for storing some tools on your ride out or even your sandwiches!


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