Webco Desert Air Filter

Webco Desert Air Filter


Webco Desert Air Filter

Webco was an American aftermarket company back in the 1950’s and 60’s. They made lots of trick parts, things like handlebars, rocker caps and layover sprocket’s plus lots of other cool parts.

These Webco  Desert air filters were used on lots of Desert bikes in the States. With Webco being an aftermarket company these filters were not only fitted to Triumph’s they could be seen on BSA’s and all sorts of bikes they will work with single Amal Monobloc or Concentric carburettors.

The air filter pan is painted Silver using two pack paint and to top them of and make them look the part we have had the Webco logo hand painted in black to give them the authentic look.

The air filter pan is held on with a chromed dome nut and washer, you will also receive the rubber connector pipe to fit between the air filter and the carb

These Webco air filters are a universal fit, you will need to make your own brackets to fit the frame. On the air filter is two bosses with threaded holes to come off.

When ordering please quote the year and model of your bike as the rubber connector hose is different length’s on different models

Fitting a Webco filter to a Unit Triumph

Because the Monobloc carburettor is so close to the frame, it would be impossible to fit the filter to the carb whilst the carb is in place. This filter does not work whilst using the conventional studs on the inlet manifold and we have supplied bolts instead.

You must fit the filter as follows:

  1. Remove the carburettor but leave the top hat, slide, choke and cables in.
  2. Remove any insulating blocks or thick gaskets (these cannot be used as it pushes the carb even further towards the frame).
  3. Remove the two 5/16 carb studs from the inlet manifold.
  4. Place the rubber tube (supplied) over the mouth of the carburettor.
  5. Place the clip over the top of this rubber tube.
  6. Slide the filter box into the other side of the tube and tighten the clip.
  7. Now with the carburettor and the filter box clipped together, slide them into position and use the two Whitworth bolts and washers (supplied) to bolt the carb to the manifold.

Making air box brackets:

  1. The air box has a threaded boss welded onto the bottom. Use this boss as a mounting point.
  2. On the units this boss almost lines directly up with the bracket that is already welded onto the frame.
  3. Use some sturdy strip steel (e.g 20mmx3mm mild) and make your own bracket to match up with the boss on the filter and the hole in the frame bracket.
  4. You can make additional brackets and nut and bolt/ weld them to the top of the filter box if you want to have a stronger fixing.

Fitting the filter:

  1. Simply place the filter and gauze (supplied) inside the outer housing.
  2. Place this onto the air box and line the stud up with the centre hole.
  3. Place domed nut (supplied) on the stud and tighten fully.


  • Because you are using the carburettor without an insulator block and or gasket, you will need to ensure that the face of the inlet manifold and the face of the carburettor are perfectly flat or an air leak will occur.
  • Carbs with an o-ring machined into the gasket face are typically not used in conjunction with a gasket. So perfectly flat gasket faces are crucial with this design.
  • People using concentric carburettors will have a bit more room between the carb and the frame due to its shape. And there may be easier ways to fit a concentric. However we recommend that if you are in doubt, still use this method of fitting.

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