Webco Style Desert Air Filter

Webco Style Desert Air Filter


Webco Desert Air Filter

Webco was an American aftermarket company back in the 1950’s and 60’s. They made lots of trick parts, like handlebars, rocker caps, layover sprocket’s plus lots of other cool parts.

These Webco Desert air filters were used on lots of Desert bikes in the States. With Webco being an aftermarket company these filters were not only fitted to Triumph’s.  They were also seen on BSA’s and all sorts of bikes that used a single Amal Monobloc or Concentric carburettors.

Our Webco style filters are supplied with either:

  • A Hand-painted Webco logo, or
  • 2 period Webco stickers

The air filter pan is held on with 2 chromed dome nuts and washers, you will also receive the rubber connector pipe to fit between the air filter and the carb.

These Webco air filters are a universal fit.  You will need to make your own brackets to fit the frame. On the air filter are two bosses with threaded holes to come off of when making/fitting the brackets.  We also supply 2 bolts & washers.

We were lucky enough to have copied this filter from an original Californian desert sled.

When fitting the Webco Air Filter, the battery and battery tray will need to be removed and a battery less electronic ignition system will need to be fitted.

We use a Boyer electronic ignition and a Boyer Power Box.  The power box does away with the battery and can be hidden inside the air cleaner.

We stock the Boyer Ignition and power box and all the correct coils.  These are not listed on our website but if you would like this set up, give us a call or send an email and we can supply everything you need.

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