NOS Dunlop Speedway 3.50 x 19 Tyre

NOS Dunlop Speedway 3.50 x 19 Tyre


New Old Stock

Dunlop Speedway 3.50 x 19 Tyre

This is a great find!

With the identical tread pattern to the Dunlop Trials Universal (which is no longer available), the Dunlop Speedway (made in the same period as the universal tyre) is the perfect tyre to create the authentic look on any off road bike.  We used one of these tyres on the latest Great Escape Bike we built at the shop, shown in the pictures.

The 3.50 profile is not as high as a modern day tyre, so this works well if you have a duplex Triumph with the stays on the inside of the fork leg.  Whereas a modern day 3.50 profile tyre works out too wide to clear the stays.

These tyres were stored correctly in dark storage and have no cracks.  Being a NOS item, these have obviously sitting around for a long time and the rubber has gone hard and they have gathered dust.  The tyre shown in the picture has been cleaned with soapy water but the tyre we fitted to The Great Escape bike was fitted as it was, dusty!    We rode The Great Escape bike using these tyres on and off rode and the tyre performed as any other tyre would.

Fitting the correct style of tyres can really make the bike look the part!

It can be used as a front or rear tyre.

We have three of these in stock so don’t miss out on a bargain!